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The Power of Reflexology

Reflexology can be traced back to both China and Egypt as long ago as 2330 B.C. It was known as zone therapy by Dr. William Fitzgerald in the early 1900's Then it was modified in the 1930's and 40's by Eunice D. Ingham who mapped each part of the body onto the hands and feet and renamed it reflexology. Not only did the practice relieve pain it also relieved the underlying condition associated with each body area.

Today Reflexology is sought out more and more. A survey done by the FHT found that reflexology is the most popular complimentary therapy. So what is Reflexology? It is compression of points in the foot that creates extreme relaxation, reduces anxiety and pain, as well as, increasing the nerve functions and blood flow in the body. It can also help the function of all the bodies systems, i.e. the nervous, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, reproductive, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, and urinary.

Even if you're not looking to treat other areas of the body reflexology can really help even if it's just the pain brought by standing. Our feet carry the weight of our bodies as we walk through life each day and this can cause pain and effect our gait. So just by focusing solely(no pun intended) on our feet we are able to get around a little bit easier.

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