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On Site Seated Chair Massage 

     Corporate Chair Massage

   In Today's world employees stay in the same positions (i.e. sitting at a computer, holding a phone, standing for hours) all day.  This combined with the stress from everyday life can lead to many things like chronic pain, exhaustion, inattentiveness, and even bad attitudes. Are you interested in giving them a quick pick me up?  Schedule an on-site seated chair massage for them.  It can lift their mood, increase productivity, and even lessen pain caused by repetitive movements and positions.  These services are great for things like administration day, employee appreciation day, nurses week, teacher appreciation day, and various other special occasions.

   We are also available for your business to use for promotional events like health fairs, trade shows, sports events, pop up shops, etc.

All therapists are licensed and insured and up to date on all of the latest techniques to help relieve tension and reduce symptoms of many chronic work conditions (back pain, carpal tunnel, forward head posture, neck pain, headaches)  

Cost: Varies please contact me for more information

Chair Massage Picture

Benefits of Chair Massage

Decreases Anxiety/Depression

Reduces Stress

Relieves Headaches

Lessens Muscle Tension and Pain

Lowers Blood Pressure

Increases Focus and Energy

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