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Massages: Small Businesses VS Chains

As we get into the holiday season, many of us will be shopping a lot. Although the mall and larger chain businesses are very popular, it's great to keep in mind there are so many small businesses out there. These places can be great options for purchases. Yes chains can have larger spaces and sometimes more options. However, small businesses tend to have more unique options, especially when it comes to massage. Services offered can vary greatly from therapist to therapist. Chains, have to offer what ALL their therapists can do and can't always accomodate specialized treatments(outside of spa services). Smaller types of businesses tend to have superior customer service and more individualized attention. It takes extreme passion in your trade to be a successful on your own so smaller businesses tend to take more time with you. You are not just another number shuffled in and out of their office. There is usually an easier checkin/out process because there's usually no line. By the way, massage chains tend to pay very small wages to their therapists and they can make a large profit. By going small, you can help the money go directly to the therapist and not to a middle man. Plus, all this money is going to your local community. They also have have lower pricing and more deals than larger places. Most therapists who are actually successful in a personal business tend to have more knowledge and more experience than chains who have high turnover with therapists. So next time you're not sure which type of business to choose remember there are many benefits to going small.

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