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Fighting the Winter Blues

It's the height of winter, it's freezing, snowy, icy, there's almost no sun. If you're like me you're counting down the days to spring and summer. I wake up in the morning and just want to stay in my cozy bed. I'm so unmotivated to do things. I basically become like a bear and just want to hibernate, but alas we can't just stay in a cave all winter long. We have lives to lead, work to do, kids to take care of. I like to say I have the Winter Blues, but nowadays they also call it Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Whether you believe its a condition or just a normal part of the winter season it can really bring you down. For me, even though I provide massage to others, this is the time of year I need massage the most. It helps lift my spirits. Massage is proven to lessen anxiety and depression which is much more common during the cold and dark winter months. It's also been proven that winter can cause more muscle tension because the body tenses up to defend against cold weather so those aches and pains that you suffer from may have amplified. Which is why your regular massage may seem imperative. Some other benefits of wintertime massage, include boosting your immune system and moisturizing dry skin. It's also important to emphasize that although massage is wonderful there is also a need for a healthy diet, exercise, and to socialize if you are trying to fight off the much dreaded winter blues.

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