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Deep Tissue VS Relaxation Massage

It is so common for clients to ask me the difference between deep tissue and relaxation massage. Relaxation massage is basic effleurage, which are light pressured rhythmic and flowing strokes. This type of massage is purely to relax the mind and increase endorphins, which is why it is commonly named relaxation massage. However with deep tissue, there is a great variance from therapist to therapist and client to client as to their specific definition of deep tissue. For me personally, it is considered a more therapeutic massage that is focusing on areas of pain or areas with change in normal movement. Deep Tissue to most is just a deeper pressure massage. However, it is not purely named this for the pressure, but for the fact that we are getting to the deeper layers of muscles. This can include deeper pressure, but can absolutely be adjusted(lighter or deeper) based on a client's preference and pain tolerance. It can be anywhere from a medium to a deep pressure, but concentrates on getting through to the deepest layer of muscles and also focuses on specific chronic pain conditions. Many people suffer from chronic pain. If you need a specific issue addressed deep tissue is a better choice for your session and the pressure and technique can be modified from person to person. Every person's pain is different so it is very important to know that communication is key to making sure that you get the most beneficial massage for your issue. This can be achieved without causing you too much pain. There may be some discomfort while trying to work an area, but if pain is ever too much the pressure or speed can be lessened. Sometimes tight tissues takes longer to warm up and massage must slowly sink into it for the best results. So next time you're debating between Relaxation and deep tissue go for the deep tissue if you have specific issues to address.

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