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Is it Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome?

Most of us have heard of Sciatica( A nerve pain that usually radiates down one or both legs. It can being a very irritating type of pain. True sciatica is when the sciatic nerve exits the hip bone and the nerve if pressed by bone. However, most people suffering from this type of pain don't usually have true sciatica. Most suffer from Piriformis syndrome( This is when the piriformis, one of our small glute muscles, becomes tight and pinches on the sciatic nerve. This causes the same nerve pain from the sciatic nerve down one or both legs. The good news is that piriformis syndrome is very manageable with massage and stretching to the area. Sciatic type pain can be greatly decreased when the piriformis is loosened. It is also important to note that the best approach is massage or pressure to each end of the piriformis. Pressure should be added to the sacrum and the trochanter, but not to the middle of the muscle as this may irritate the sciatic nerve further.

Massage and Piriformis Syndrome:

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